At Zenith we take special care at every level of manufacturing to delivery Perfect product to all our valuable customers, following are 9 Assurances

Customers are our priority and central to everything we do. The trust placed in our group is central to holding our position as the preferred supplier in our industry through a focus on innovation, quality and service.


Product quality and product/service innovation provide our competitive advantage. We deliver products that have the key characteristics of performance to expectation, conformance to Standard, low variation, reliability, consistency, durability and application suitability.


We are committed to a governance system that ensures the integrity of business processes. We comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, customer requirements, and Australian & International Standards for our products, systems and services.


Our people and our alignment with our customers provide the foundation of our business. We share a collaborative mind-set that is local at heart and global in spirit and share a collective responsibility for the quality and performance of our products, processes, & services.


Personal leadership throughout Zenith provides alignment with our key focus on customers and ensures our key drivers of innovation, quality and service.

ISO Certified

The Zenith Business Management System ensures the company’s products and services continuously meet the standards expected by our customers and are delivered in a safe and healthy workplace with proper regard to our environment and long-term business sustainability.

This policy is founded on the philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation in every aspect of our business, always with the aim to enhance customer satisfaction. It is the guiding principal for our team at Zenith

- By management.