We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PVC non pressure piping system in Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Mumbai, Maharashtra and India with latest quality and designed. PVC-U pipe was presented into India in the since 1980's and is now widely accepted for use across all over the world.

Zenith irrigation offers an extensive range of PVC non-pressure pipes and fittings systems in Mumbai, India.

Non Pressure Pipe

PVC Non Pressure Pipes Manufactured To Following Standards :-

PVC Non Pressure Pipes Applications :-

Zenith PVC Non Pressure pipe is acknowledged for advantage and has been used extensively since the 1990's in the following applications.

Major potable water supply trunk and reticulation mains

Irrigation and turf watering system

Industrial Process Pipeline

Effluent pipeline for pumped sewage, industrial and rural waste

Slurry pipelines carrying abrasive and corrosive mine or quarry material

PVC Non Pressure Pipe Advantages :-

Non PVC plastic pipe system major advantages over traditional material including corrosion resistance, installation economics, operating efficiencies and significant reductions in maintenance costs.

The following outline some of the feature and benefits of PVC pipes.

Features Benefits
Excellent internal/external corrosion resistance Long service life
Electrically non conductive Do not suffer from electrolytic corrosion
Solvent joints Reduced jointing effort and improved reliability
Light weight Ease of handling and reduced laying costs