We are leading manufacturer and fabricators of high performance plastic piping systems and PVC profiles. With over 30 years of experience, our portfolio of products is widely used around the World for many different applications. Whether it be pressure pipe work for the conveyance of different media such as water, fuel or more aggressive fluids or specialist drainage pipe work, the solution will be found within our range.

Our products are sold and used in a variety of different applications around the World through an international distribution network. We have a substantial presence in all corners of the World with support of Authorized distributers in countries and Centralized Supply change management from India.

A number of individual brands are united within Zenith Irrigation, these include Ultraflow, Ulrtraguard, Zenith and Vishal, each of which are leading piping brands within specific markets.

Quality Innovation and Training

Zenith Irrigation Products are manufactured in an environment that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. Our products are manufacture to IS, DIN, EN, BS & AS/NZS standards and have internationally recognized WATERMARK certification. We offer a full training program both in the development, specification and installation of irrigation systems.

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Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We do not use heavy metals or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Zenith has developed processes to recycle scrap for its manufactured products. Zenith re-processes all in-house scrap and has done so for over thirty years to minimize wastage. Scrap is collected and granulated into a form suitable for extruded. Any material that cannot be reprocessed on site is sent to third parties for recycling.

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