SWR Drainage Pipe System

Introducing Zenith SWR Drainage Pipe System - Your Ultimate Solution for Drainage and Sewerage Applications.

Applications :-

Zenith SWR PVC Drainage Pipe System stand as the optimal choice for a wide range of drainage and sewerage applications. Especially in comparison to conventional drainage systems, their superior properties shine through:

Soil / Waste Lines are connected to various excreta generation points such as Lavatories (Basins, Commodes etc.) and kitchens (sinks etc.) for smooth transportation of soluble and in soluble waste along with water to main drain lines.

Rain Lines connected to Gulleys, Gutters on Roof tops for drainage of excess rain water.

SWR Pipe

SWR Drainage Pipe System Features & Benefits

Lightweight : The lightweight nature of our system ensures cost-effective transportation and hassle-free handling.

Flexibility in Usage : Enjoy the freedom to choose between joining methods - rubber ring or solvent cement - enhancing convenience and adaptability.

High Flow Rate : Benefit from excellent flow properties, facilitated by a consistently smooth internal surface that maintains its efficiency over the system's lifespan.

Weather Resistant : Specially blended UV stabilized compound guarantees outstanding outdoor weathering performance, ensuring durability in various conditions.

Aesthetic Superiority : Stand out with our system's superior aesthetic appeal, far surpassing conventional CI and AC systems.

Performance : Experience trouble-free functionality, resulting in reduced inspection and maintenance costs. The combination of lightness, flexibility, and pre-fabrication translates to significant time and cost savings.

High Impact Strength : Withstand handling and transportation without vulnerability to mechanical damage.

Chemical Resistance : Remain unaffected by a wide spectrum of chemicals, safeguarded against galvanic or electrolytic reactions.

Non-Flammable : Enjoy peace of mind as our system is self-extinguishing, devoid of combustion support.

Corrosion Resistant : Sustain material integrity even with constant water exposure, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Rodent Repellent : Our specially treated compound ensures immunity against rodent attacks, bolstering system reliability.

Embrace Zenith SWR PVC Drainage Systems for unparalleled drainage and sewerage solutions that prioritize efficiency, durability, and adaptability.