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At Zenith We manufacture very high quality DWV (Drain, Waste, and Vent) flexible piping system. The economic advantages of our DWV pipes and fittings, combined with their light weight, ease of installation and reliable performance, makes PVC-U the material of choice for DWV applications. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of DWV Flexible pipes in Pune, Aurangabad, Nasik, Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. Manufactured according to AS/NZS 1260 full range from 40mm to 225mm diameter.

Applications :-

Discover the versatility of our products in various applications:

Non-Pressure Pipe Systems: Explore our innovative solutions for sewer, drain, waste, and vent pipe systems. Our products excel in efficiently managing liquid and waste transportation.

Above Ground Plumbing and Drainage: Learn about our top-notch products designed for above-ground plumbing and drainage systems within buildings. We offer reliable solutions for smooth and leak-free operations.

Below Ground Sewerage and Drainage: Delve into our offerings tailored for below-ground sewerage and drainage systems in both buildings and infrastructure. Our solutions ensure effective waste management and sustainable drainage.

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DWV Pipe Features & Benefits

Corrosion Resistant : PVC exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosion in typical groundwater conditions. This ensures long-lasting durability even in challenging environments.

Enhanced Flow Characteristics : Benefit from the remarkably smooth inner surface and chemical resistance of PVC, which prevent scale buildup and corrosion. This results in high flow capacity, promoting efficient liquid transportation.

Easy Handling and Installation : Our PVC stormwater pipes offer extended lengths, making them lightweight and easy to manage during installation. This translates to streamlined and hassle-free setup processes.

Simplified Machining and Cutting : PVC pipes can be effortlessly machined and cut using basic tools, facilitating jointing at any point along the pipe. This adaptability ensures convenient customization for various projects.

Flexibility for Varied Conditions : The inherent flexibility of PVC stormwater pipes equips them to handle soil movements, subsidence, and even expansive clays. This adaptability ensures structural integrity in diverse scenarios.

Robust Root Penetration Resistance : The non-porous nature of PVC material, coupled with our meticulously crafted solvent cement and rubber ring joints, offers exceptional resistance against root penetration. This effectively prevents infiltration and exfiltration issues.

Explore the manifold benefits of our PVC pipes, designed to provide longevity, efficiency, and reliability across a range of applications.

DWV Flexible Pipe
32 - 6
40 - 6
50 - 6
65 - 6
80 - 6
100 SN 6 6
100 RRJ SN 6 6
150 SN 4 6
150 RRJ SN 4 6
150 RRJ SN 8 6
175 SN 4 6
225 SN 4 6
225 SN 8 6
300 SN 4 6
300 SN 8 6
150 SN 4 6
150 SN 4 6
- Note SN = Stiffness, a measure of ability of the pipe to withstand lateral deflection.

SN4 = 4000 N/m/m | SN6 = 6000 N/m/m | SN6 = 6000 N/m/m | SN6 = 6000 N/m/m

We can manufacture lengths and color as per customer requirement
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